About 365 Gratitude Project

Sunday:          Jenny Moss
Jenny lives in New York City.  Fascinated by the daily adventures and random encounters the city offers.  In the process of creating a viable acting career while  freelancing in corporate production to pay the bills, joie de vivre is the ultimate goal no matter where her life takes her.

Monday:         Carol Castle
Carol lives on a quiet dirt road in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with her husband Paul, 3 children Elizabeth,
 who is studying at Bard College, William, who's getting ready to graduate from high school and Grace, is in 4th grade. Carol is self-employed, selling altered vintage and treasured finds on Etsy, where she uses her stylist skills, and her love of lighting and textiles to create a world unto itself.

Tuesday:        Diane Boutin

Diane lives in Barre, Vermont with her husband Louis. Professionally she is an jewelry, reading, watching movies, and spending time with her sisters,  husband and spoiled bird Sunshine.  She has been told she gives a mean massage and is acutely in tune with how others feel. When she passes, she wants people to know she loved her husband and family, loved animals and smelled divine.

Wednesday:   Marie Turgeon
Marie lives in Clarksdale, Arizona. During the day she works in the physical therapy department at the local Medical Center.In her off hours, she enjoys practicing Reiki, reading, baking, making jewelry and learning more about the spiritual/metaphysical side of life. She is also a very proud mother of two who has had the honorof learninga great deal from them. She knows that all there is, is love.


Friday:            Rita Finn
Rita lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, John.  During the day she works as a graphic designer, but at night, she is an artist, foodie, blogger and photographer.  She has a crush on life.
Saturday:        Loranne Turgeon
Loranne lives in Los Angeles, California at present pursuing her career in the film industry.  She is passionate about storytelling through all mediums, including films, games, novels, art and music.  Her husband, Jim, lives in New England, pursuing his passion for antiques. She believes in finding her “bliss” every chance she gets!