Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Happy first day of Summer all!

Yesterday was a day to celebrate. It is the day, and I won't tell you how many years ago, that my youngest sister made an appearance into our lives. God knew what he was doing.

(She is the one in the front, smiling in her pretty dress. Aren't all my sisters sweet?)

Rita has more talent than allot of people have in their whole body. If you were to look through her pretty green eyes for just one day, your life would be changed forever. You would see things and question things that you never had before. You would see beauty where as before you only saw a rusty building, a pile of brush needing burning or you would simply see what the world offers you in the form of beauty.

As far as what kind of sister she is, she laughs uproariously with me at a joke we only get, it is fun to verbally spar with her which only once again ends up in laughter. We are both not stubborn so our relationship is easy ;) Rita is giving, kind and always ready to be a shoulder when you need one. If I never had her in my life, I know I would always have felt that I was missing an important part of myself. She is simply my sister in every way that is. I love you Rita.