Tuesday, May 24, 2011


This week, and it is fortuitous, I would like to thank my Mom. Today is her birthday and I am so happy to have her in my life!

My Mom is the kind of person that everyone just loves due to the fact that she is so giving and sweet. She would do without to make her children happy which frustrates me to no end. She is the one that needs spoiling and to be inundated with gifts and love.
Time is precious for me that I get to spend with her and I thank God every day that she is my Mom and I know my four sisters do also.
God gave her many gifts and one of the stronger ones, besides her big heart, was her ability to just look at a plant and it grows. She plants flowers and a very large garden every year in order to share with us and others. She also complains that WE give HER too much! Imagine!

So thank you Mom from my heart to yours. Others could only dream of having a Mom like you :)
Love always
Dziane (said with a French accent)