Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Leann ...

Dear Leann,

You would think that twenty years would soften the edges of our friendship, but it seems it only gets sharper and richer with time. I think we must have recognized each other as worthy friends when we first met. (Who else would befriend someone wearing purple tights and walking her cat on a leash?) Our conversations over the years have been a source of constant challenge, passion, and humor. You insist on seeing me in the best possible light, though I think, while you know my flaws better than anyone, you tend to graciously turn a blind eye. Every time we see each other, you give me new ideas, new inspirations and creative endeavors, and new ways of looking at this strange and wonderful world we live in.

It's a wonder to look back at the events in our lives in which we've supported each other through some of life's real challenges. I have collected enough of your kind words which I've 'put in my back pocket' for when I most need them to last another two lifetimes.

For you, I am eternally grateful. Thank you, my dear, dear friend.