Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello All,

My apologies for not having posted last night. I was actually talking on the phone (for hours) with the one I wish to thank this week. That person is my BFINS which stands for Best Friend I Never See. Her name is Daphne Eve Villanueva Veeder mostly known as Bo. Bo was one of my very first real friends when I moved from Kentucky to Virginia years ago. We supported each other through trials and tribulations, got into trouble together, spent wonderful hours talking and eating together and simply enjoyed each other as naturally as if we were born sisters and even worked together at one point. Sisters we are and always will be even though we couldn't look any different from each other if we tried. Her family always welcomed me with open arms and as ever, always tried to feed me. Her Mom reminded me of mine.

Bo and I can go months without talking, but when we do get around to it, it is like we never stopped. For this and numerous more reasons, I am so grateful to have the pleasure of Bo in my life. She will always hold a special place in my heart and nobody better mess with her! We always use to say and mean that.

Why the dream catcher earrings? Bo has ALWAYS loved the fact that people thought she was Native American when she is in fact full blooded Philippino or pillowpeeno as she jokingly calls it. Not that she puts down her colorful heritage though. She also loves her turquoise and silver and is always looking for the next great piece.

I love you BFINS!


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