Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A pleasant friendship

I’ve just had the pleasure of spending the weekend with a dear friend. Miriam Tatum, the mother of my daughter Elizabeth’s boyfriend. It’s beginning to feel inadequate to refer to Steven as such, as they have been a couple for 7 years. Miriam invited Grace and me to come along to visit them at Bard College, over the weekend.

Miriam and I rarely have time to engage in more than a quick chat, as we both have busy lives. It was such a pleasure to have that extended time for pointless meandering conversation.

Miriam’s persona is an elegant balance of patience and curiosity. Much of our time was spent exploring the favorite’s of Elizabeth & Steven, the Tivoli Bakery for breakfast, Mexican for dinner, Brahms concert at Fisher Hall on Sat. evening, and sit in, and try to join in, with their shape note choral group on Sunday morning.

I consider myself very fortunate to call Miriam friend.

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