Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Have you ever met someone that the more you know them the more you respect, like and wish there were many more of them in this world? Well Barbara Wilkins is such a person. I had the good luck to have met Barbara when My Husband Louis and I were shopping for our first Harley 10 years ago. Her Husband and her started Wilkin’s Harley Davidson in South Barre, VT in 1946 and built it into a thriving business. I am very sure that Harry’s (her husband) personality is what made that business soar like it did but Barb’s kept people coming back to buy more along with clothing and gear. Barb looks like a very classy lady with white hair in her seventies. She has a charming smile that comes with a built in twinkle to her eyes and a warm heart that makes you feel treasured by her no matter where you may run into her. So, thank you Barb for being the sweetest and classiest lady ever and for your constant loving hugs and kind words to Louis and I. We sincerely love you dearly and are very proud and lucky to have made your acquaintance in life. Please don’t ever change.

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