Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank You Mindy & Stephanie ...

Dear Mindy & Stephanie,

John and I wish we'd discovered you sooner. That we live only blocks apart, it's a wonder we didn't. With your excellent taste in food and wine, your Happy Hours are the toast of the neighborhood!

Mindy, thank you for reigniting John's (and mine, by proxy) interest in birding. Discovering the wealth of migratory birds in our own backyard ravine has been, and continues to be, one of those little pleasures that makes weekends a thing even more anticipated. Your acceptance and enthusiasm of whatever we find is inspiring.

Stephanie, thank you for challenging me in my endless pursuit of art. Your encouragement and inquisitiveness push me to realize my creative goals, even if I sometimes don't entirely know what they are. And upon learning that I'd given up chocolate for Lent, your gift of hand-made truffles at the end went far in recompense for the sacrifice.

Thank you both for your warmth, generosity, and friendship!


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