Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Kevin

Hello and Happy Easter coming up :)

This week I want to thank a friend I have know for about four years now. I met Kevin at a bike rally through a mutual acquaintance those four years ago. When you meet him, you notice that he is very Native American, is a biker and is who he is without apologies about it. I like that in a person. The more you know him, the deeper he gets and he, if he likes you, will open up and share his spiritual thoughts with you of which he has many. The outside really does not match the inside. He really is the soft, gentle giant on his own spiritual path trying his very best to do the right and moral thing in life and leave the bad behind. He knows how to perform Reiki (energy healing), communes with nature because it speaks to him, and loves a good fire with friends around it celebrating life with him.

He loves a good joke, that would be the rascal in him and is a fantastic home decorator. I talk to him at least once a week and he and my husband discuss philosophies of life several times a week. He simply is a good, steady, no theatrics, loving friend whom I am grateful to have in my life. He has taught me many things in his matter of fact way that I never would have learned if not for him. He is loved!

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