Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Salute You

I know this may be a controversial subject but today is my day and I am very thankful for these people. This week my thanks goes out to all branches of our military. I live in a country that everyone outside of it is sometimes literally dying to get into it and live here. I have the right to burn our flag without being handcuffed and driven to jail, not that I would EVER do so. I have the right to protest our very government without getting shot. Just recently, the right to protest at a serviceman/woman’s funeral was granted and as much as I hate the very thought of someone doing so to the inner core of me, it is part of our freedoms. I am free to marry and have as many children as I wish or not marry and have no children. It is not mandatory that I wear a veil but am able to if I so wish. I am able to worship whatever religeon I wish to. I as a female vote here! I also have the right to express myself on our thankful blog living here in this country. The freedoms we all have here in this beautiful country are all owed to someone fighting for them in the first place. I know it is an overused phrase but freedom is truly not free. I can’t say that enough. Someone had to and still does fight for it with their very presence, their training, their words and even their very lives.

So, in whatever branch you may be in, wherever you may be serving, whatever rank you may be, please know that your sacrifices are not forgotten and that I am thanking you to the very bottom of my heart. I will always stand quietly with my hand on my heart for our pledge of allegiance, smile proudly and sing along (correctly) during the Star Spangled Banner and always take off my hat in respect if I happen to be wearing one for both. I salute you!

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