Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sixty Minutes....

This week the appreciation goes out to Sandy. A woman I met in the last hour of a job I was working in Vegas this past June. She was a Security Guard for one of our rooms at the Encore Hotel. We connected right away. Laughing and chatting like we knew each other forever. We ended up exchanging e-mail addresses and became Facebook friends. We write each other periodically and check-in. We had a few exchanges this week. In response to a li'l heartbreak that I've recently experienced she had the perfect things to say and just when I needed to hear it. An Angel on earth, I'd say! It's amazing how a one-hour encounter can change your life. Totally grateful our paths crossed and we continue to keep in touch. A simple sentence and/or kind word can really spark a change in attitude. Thank-You Sandy for being such a great and wonderful spirit on this journey we call life!!

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